After leaving the British Army, in 2012, I set out to Australia with a mind to walk all the way around.  However, that was not to be, as on the first day I tore a muscle in my back. Never one to quit without a fight, the next day I purchased a bicycle. from that moment onwards I had become an endurance cyclist, of epic proportions.


My first day on the bike I covered 30km, by the last day I was covering well over 200km a day. It wasn't easy getting from Sydney to Perth in under two months. Firstly my pannier rack kept breaking, thats no wonder as it broke my back, and both will become a reoccurring issue in the future. I also faced killer wildlife and weather, passing out in the Nullarbor desert and coming face to face with the grill of a road train.

Death was narrowly escaped and I was able to complete 5000km in aid of Help for Heroes, a charity that has helped so many of my friends from the military.