In 2013, five months after returning from down under, I found myself in Finland. It was while in Australia I got the idea of exploring more of my native Europe, after so many Australians remarked how much more history there is to be seen. But where do I start? One night in a Essex pub I threw a dart in a map.

With 2,700km ahead of me and my boss only granting two weeks leave, I found myself on another epic adventure. This time I would be raising money for Barnardos. A children's charity based in London and also close to my heart, as my mother was a Barnardos child, while my grandfather was serving.

Averaging 200km per day, I covered the first five countries in five days; from Finland through to Poland. Where I learnt I had done the previous two countries with heat stroke. Then my pannier rack broke again, now experienced somewhat I was able to repair it with spares and continue to finish the expedition a day early.