Wedding Photography

I have had the privilege to capture the special day for couples, ensuring the memory burns for years to come.


The wedding can be seen as the climax of much planning, with a mass gathering of family and friends, but it is the beginning of the rest of your lives together. Having a photographer will guarantee all those special moments are captured for posterity, leaving you and your guests to live in the moment. 


Often a photographer will capture aspects of the day you missed, adding to the the magic of the day. Being able to view and share your images in quick time is essential, allowing you to share with your wider friends and family.


    Like many of you I enjoy music, whether in the comfort of my home or at a live concert. For most a live show is marked by a special event, a birthday or anniversary, or perhaps a memorable performance by a favourite artist or band. 

    Having a photographer at your shows not only documents your events and breakout performance but allows your fans to take those moments home. Either share them on your social media or showcasing your talents on your website, high quality images will echo your sound to a greater audience.

    Gallery and Performance Art

    Much like music concerts there is a growing trend by the audience to record and share their experiences with the various mediums of art they interact. This is a great way to engage with a wider audience and by commissioning a release of official images for your audience to share will ensure the artists intent is shared in the correct context.

    Whether your work is an instillation, performance or hang in gallery or unique space, your work will be captured and recorded for all to marvel long after your exhibit ends.


    As a qualified teacher with experience teaching all age groups, workshops can be a fun experience for all, whether learning a new skill or wishing to perfect your technique.

    Workshops are not just restricted to a studio. As a photographer I am ready to deploy anywhere with any equipment, analogue or digital. Workshops can be conducted in your home, office, village hall or even on a photowalk exploring both your camera and environment. 

    Workshops are not just for the camera, with introduction and familiarisation sessions into the world of post-production. If you just want to learn how to turn your flat images into eye-catching visuals, then perhaps a workshop in Photoshop is for you.