John O'Groats to Lands End 2014

I have never cycled with a support crew before now, but it was needed for this journey. In 2014 three intrepid friends offered there services, to support me attempting to cycle non-stop for 1500km.

Although the shortest of all my expeditions to date, JOGLE is one of the most logistical. With no transport links to and from the start/finish points, a support crew is need to ferry myself, further than what I intend to cycle. Making this possible are my good friends; Matt Stephens and Daniel Brindley, whom I met through Scouting and are both trained first responders, ideal for any impending accidents. Also with me is a French geography student from Bordeaux, whom I met in Australia, who will be photographing this expedition.

Unfortunately after 24 hours I was to collapse just out side of Glasgow, after ripping the same muscle in my back as Australia. After a nights rest my team and I continued on to the Scottish/English border.