The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

Taken during a 2,500km journey through Eastern Europe, exploring the changing faces of society, after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Using the humble utilitarian bus shelter to portray individual communities, each one displays their own distinct character and contributes to a story of transition from an authoritarian state to democracy. These structures for the most part evidence the modernity born from state subsidised travel, today however they serve as monuments to what has been lost. Yet a few have stood resolute, a sign to the progression made within some communities unrepressed since the epoch of the Soviet Union. 


These bus shelters from seven former communist states are encased in brutalist frames, which by design close them off from the world around them, a condition revealed to the curious observer, preserving them for prosperity. Some can now be seen as symbolic of the enormous changes that have taken place in a society that now sees itself as unrepressed and free to express their own individualities.